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Riqi Harawira has shared stages with some of the biggest acts, Guns N Roses, Pearl Jam to name a few. The former guitarist for Dead Flowers has collaborated with numerous kiwi artists across his career such as Dam native, DLT & Che fu and Stellar. Riqi Harawira is a Māori fusion artist and a guitar virtuoso with a slick
baritone vocal range, and, Riqi has the personality to drive his music and messages home.
Immersed in music from a young age, his father, Rangi Hadfiled (Paeoterangi Harawira) was an international Māori entertainer who performed in over 65 countries and a guitar tutor. Riqi’s sister is also a musician.
Aside from music, Riqi is a peer support worker at Waikeria prisons Kaupapa Māori drug treatment program. He has a passion for walking alongside others who have taken the wrong path, to help elicit their own motivation to change. More than proficient in Mau Rākau (Māori weaponry) Riqi weaves ‘Te ao māori’ into all
areas of his life.
“I consider myself a builder first and foremost because I love to tutu with ideas, melodies and emotions. I like to build songs. I get a lot of joy out of creating something out of nothing. I love kaupapa Māori music. I write songs about Māori leaders that have inspired and helped our nation. I also search for meaning within pūrakāu (legends that are more than stories,)they are our whakapapa that is unique to Tangata Whenua but also benefits non-Māori” – Riqi Harawira


A multi-instrumentalist, Riqi frequently melds te reo māori and English with rock music, dabbling with some pop and reggae sounds and big splashes of his authentic creative native style.

In 2016 Riqi Harawira released his first solo album, ‘Sound of the Long White Cloud’ spawning the singles ‘Greenstone & Gold’, ‘Oxygen’, ‘Te Aroha’ and ‘Goddess’, which was gifted to the ‘men against sexual violence’ campaign of that year. This album also featured an indigenized version of ‘Gutter Black’, featuring Dave McArtney the original writer from Hello Sailor.

Riqi’s second album, ‘Mauri’ brought forward tracks like ‘Wairua Tūturu’ and ‘Kia ora’.

His last single 'Ruapekapeka' is a powerful Guitaiaha (Guitar -Taiaha) driven rock anthem with tribal chorus chants that hook you in immediately. A reminder of the famous northern battle between the colonials under Governor-General Grey and the combined forces of Kawiti and Hone Heke.


Early 2022 see’s Riqi Harawira release a new single ‘Whina - Walk of freedom’. A track about Dame Whina Cooper, the forerunner of his upcoming album ‘Nga pūrakāu o Aotearoa’ a rich album of stories about the
amazing Rangatira of Aotearoa, who have shaped our history.





Creative Native is a kaupapa Māori online store.


We print T shirts and hoodies with Māori kaupapa themes.


Proceeds from Dame Whina Cooper T-Shirts go back to the Cooper Whanau and community of Panguru.


Te Kaupapa: It is a great honour for me to have my name associated with Dame Whina Cooper and Te Roopu Matakite. I only ask that if you wear these taonga that you understand what you are supporting. It is the hikoi that Dame Whina Cooper and te Roopu Matakite embarked on in 1975. It was a march asking the state to preserve the mana and turangawaewae of Tangata whenua.


It was 45 years ago that this seed was planted. It was galvanised by the saying "NOT ONE ACRE MORE". Walk of freedom is my interpretation, my expression from my generation and what it means to me.